Ogami Whitepaper

1.5 DAOs in a Gaming Context

A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which is a venture capital fund that is directed by its investors through democratic means.
  • Mainly capital-driven
  • Chaotic by design
  • The misconception of practical democracy
It is no secret that almost all DAOs are mainly capital-driven. We do not think that this is an issue, but we do think that it does not fit into a gaming ecosystem. We think that the entity that governs a gaming ecosystem should be driven by the urge to improve all game-related topics, not just the capital-related ones. In addition, DAOs are chaotic and lack clear guidance. The fact that all decisions are made in form of direct democracy is making it problematic. Direct democracy cannot work when the people who are participating in it, lack an understanding of the ideas of the proposals that are being voted for. This is the reason why most modern democracies are not using direct democracy but parliamentary democracy, where the people vote for representatives whose job it is to make decisions based on logic and expertise. Therefore, we came up with the idea of what we call a “Decentralized Parliamentary Organization” or DPO. We were inspired by real-life governance structures in politics and translated our governance model into a gaming context that utilizes blockchain technology, namely the $OGM token.

Decentralized Parliamentary Organization (DPO)

Disclaimer: The DPO in its current form is a concept. It might experience changes in the future! If you think you can contribute and help us refine/polish it, feel free to give us feedback on our Discord server.
DPO Meta-Level
On the meta-level (the highest level) of the Ogami DPO are Frei Studios, the Ogami Developer Council, and the Ogami High Player Council. These entities are considered equal in their decision power. It needs all three entities to pass a proposal in the context of the whole Ogamiverse ecosystem. The Ogami Player Council as well as the Ogami Developer Council have their own internal structure. The Ogami Developer Council is an entity that consists of all verified developers within the Ogamiverse that utilize some kind of $OGM token distribution as in-game rewards. The Ogami Player Council is an entity formed by the community members and players that were voted to represent the whole Ogami player community. There will be several security measures in place like a mechanism whereupon no solution toward a proposal can be found (an alternative included) for more than 3 tries, direct voting will take place (similar to a real-life referendum voting). Only eligible $OGM holders, the community, and players will decide the fate of said proposal through the majority rule (more than 50% of the votes).
High Player Council. HC = High Council
The Ogami Player Council is divided into two layers, which are the Player Council and the High Player Council. The High Player Council is formed by elected representatives of each individual Player Council. The High Player Council's main purpose is to contribute to the direction that the Ogamiverse ecosystem takes by using its equal right to vote against or for proposals that are made on the meta-level of the Ogamiverse DPO. They are also responsible and in the decision power of the Player Council Treasury fund allocations. Every Player Council can make a proposal for the usage of said funds. An example of such a proposal can be the organization of a parallel-running tournament for all games of the Ogami ecosystem. Another example of a proposal can be real-life meetings and events that are funded through the Player Council Treasury. There are many other occasions and possibilities to utilize the funds in a way that benefits the community and it's players. All decisions made by the Player Council will be executed, in form of transactions from the Treasury towards the associated parties, by Frei Studios. But the final responsibility and execution of the decision and usage of said funds will rely on the party and individuals that have been chosen by the Player Council itself. So, only trustful and well-established community members should partake and have this responsibility. But that is the decision for the Player Council to make. We can just give advice and suggestions!
Ogami Player Council
The Player Councils are formed by direct voting of the Ogamiverse player community. Every game in the Ogamiverse will have its own Player Council. On this level of the DPO, players are using their rights to vote for representatives from the player community itself. These player representatives will have close contact with the developers and act as a direct bridge between a games community and its developers. But that’s not all. A Player Council will have, for game-specific use cases, the right to veto against certain changes in a game. For instance, in the Player Council of the game Ogami Conquest, representatives will have the right to veto an in-game balancing change (for example a balancing change where Frei Studios did buff item X or nerf item Y), if it is met by 80%+ compliance by the representatives that form the Player Council. This results in players having direct rights to contribute to the game in which they are a part of the community.
Ogami Developer Council
The members of the Ogami Developer Council will have the right to present proposals in the context of the development of the Ogami ecosystem. There will be guidelines and rules laid out for how proposals are being made. One example of a proposal can be an allocation from the Ogami Developer Treasury towards the joint development of assets for the Ogami ecosystem that benefit all current and future developers that form the Developer Council. Another example can be a proposal to finance a Developer Council meeting with the funds from the Ogami Developer Treasury. There are many possibilities of proposals and actions that the Developer Council can introduce and organize with the funds from their treasury. Additionally, the council can make proposals that are targetted for the meta-level of the Ogami Decentralized Parliamentary Organisation, where the Ogami Developer Council has equal say together with Frei Studios and the High Player Council.